Weigh Belt

Weighing belt conveyor is used to generate a constant product flow and provide output control signals to downstream processing equipment. The weighed speed will automatically set to the value causing a draw of product from the metering tube equal to the required flow rate. The system is composed of load cell, encoder, calculating device and conveying belt with adjustable speed. It makes the flow possible to be continuous or partial, varying on demand. Belt speed can be obtained in m/s unit using encoder located on weighing belt. (The value is obtained via load cells from weighing belt and transferred to the PLC in kg unit. (After the calculation is done using PID of the system and machinery parameters (values entered via OP) the amount of product passing through weighing belt can be found in kg/hr. ( Set value is sent to the PID, which will be used for dosing, via analog or Profibus. Belt speed varies according to the value obtained from PID, in order to control the amount of product carried. PID values can be sent to an external system via Profibus Dp or analog if required. (All the alarms of the system can be accessed over OP. All operations of the system is done over OP. Remote control software for central HMI can be added as Profibus of ethernet if required.