DCC - Direct Conditioning Cylinder

The objective of the DCC is to heat, open and moisturize the tobacco products to specified exit tobacco temperature and moisture targets, while ensuring sufficient resistance time to achieve 100% kill of all life stages of any insects that may be in the tobacco. Size of DCCs can vary according to the capacity and are accessorized with palettes or needles, whose types can vary according to the tobacco type. The demanded moisture level can be provided with the use of hot air inlet and specially designed water-steam nozzles, which are located at the exit of the cylinder. The cleaning of the system is automatically done with the cleaning nozzles which are located at both entrance and exit of the cylinder. The body and exit of the cylinder are isolated with rock wool of 6mm thickness in order to reduce the condensation to the minimum. Capacity can vary between 1000 - 10,000 kg/h.