Quality Policy

Our company specialized on tobacco and cigarette processing machinery and complete plants, tea and spice processing lines, keeps improving and expanding its product range by focusing on research and development activities.

Quality Policy is a necessity that is being implemented by Muzer staff in all areas of activity. This policy is generated for providing confidence and secure continuous improvement with the notion that Muzer employees and suppliers that work for Muzer should know our main policy with the below titles:


Our basic principle for success is to provide maximum customer satisfaction and expected quality by showing flexibility and meeting our customers’ urgent requirements immediately.


The signs of success are planning, high productivity, talented and wise management, a good functioning organization and creativity. A searching team and the ability to do right the first time is our company’s assurance in the long term.

Productivity determines our future.


We adopt the principals of openness and honesty in our thoughts and behaviors.
Highly motivated employees are essential for Muzer. Muzer personnel form a team.
To take part in this team requires skill, motivation, respect and to adopt team spirit,
create synergy and work creatively.

Every employee deserves to be respected.


Our main principal is to work with respect, correct behavior and with absolute quality consciousness with our suppliers. Helping to improve their sense of quality is a part of our total quality understanding. The quality of our suppliers is directly proportional with the respect they have for themselves, their jobs and for our company.

The quality of our suppliers determines our quality.


Our main policy is to keep our environment and premises clean, in order and to preserve the environment while producing goods and services.

Cleanliness and order are signs of our business approach.


Our major objective is to continuously improve and enhance the effectiveness of our company activities. To be in progress and change increases our company’s competitiveness and organizational strength. The key to success and contribution to company management will be achieved when every department determines, analyzes their goals, strategies, performance indicators and continuously improves target values.

Cleanliness and order are signs of our business approach.