World Tobacco Europe 2013 - Germany

We were in World Tobacco Europe 2013, 12-14 November 2013 Hamburg - Germany at stand number E15.
Many thanks to our visitors!

World Tobacco Europe 2014 - Dubai

We were in World Tobacco Europe 2014, 01-02 April 2014 Dubai at stand number B11. Many thanks to our visitors!...It was a pleasure to meet you personally, giving us the great opportunity to share and exchange our thoughts and experiences with you all.

Cigarette Pack Tobacco Reclaimer (CPTR - 6k)

Market return Cigarette Packs and non-deformed paker rejected packs are cut (6000 packs/h) to separate Tobacco for add-back in Primary and NTRM for waste. Machine is in operation.

Semi-Automatic Pouch Packer

100 g/pouch semi-automatic packer has been designed for the market of Roll-Your-Own and Fine-Cut tobacco products . Our R&D Department is working on the various capacity pouch packers.